exoskeletron! (exoskeletron) wrote in fuck_yourscene,

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damn damn damn we need to think of a new theme. i dont think stephanie will have a computer for a while. shell be back sometime within the next week, i believe. god im so hungry my tummys growling. i want some combos. alright well, let me think what we could do.
god i ha vent see a post in this community for ages. oh god i could really go for some pizza right now. i keep thinking post your favorite band but we already did that right? ok k.

anycrap, how about piercings and tattoos among other mods. ive been getting really into body mods over this past summer and was wondering now if you guys COULD or ALREADY HAVE, what is it or what would you ge?. pictures would be nicee or something. but not necessary. :D
great now talk amongst yourself.
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